The Dark Passenger


I have recently (through DVD box-sets) a big fan the TV show ‘Dexter’. My wife and I have gone through box-set after box-set watching this Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning series. Michael C. Scott is mesmerising as Dexter Morgan, the central character, portraying such a complicated character.

The show focuses on Dexter, a husband and a father, who lives an ordinary life, good job, close relationships, well liked everywhere. However, he has an awful dark secret he shields from those closest to him. It is very much an R-rated/certificate 18 show so I’ll gloss over what that is.  An unseen ‘character’ in the show is the ‘Dark Passenger’:The deep urge he has within him that he spends his life appeasing and keep to himself.  It completely over takes him, taking over most of his time (though his work with Miami Police Department means his excuse of ‘gotta work’ is a perfect alibi).

History tells a similar story.  There is an urge in all of us that we each try to quash, appease, and hide from our nearest and dearest.  We are not perfect or without any guilt.  We need to recognise that we have our own struggles to be better people.  There are areas of therapy that seem to actively dismiss human failings and the nature of evil.  This is living life ignoring a lot of, well, pretty much most of everything.

I could go on a Puritanical rant on sin, damnation, and evil rant.  However, I believe that we all have a desire for self-improvement, without regrets and free from our unhealthy urges.

The hymn ‘What a friend we have in Jesus’ has a reassuring element to it.  No matter how imperfect we are, the Lord believes in you and me, and wants to be your mate. I might feel unlovable, but there is someone there who wants to be there for me.  God does want to make us right with Him and the world, He will have the ‘we gotta sort you out’ like any other friend; it’s just that He has quite a vantage point on your life.

We need to recognise our Dark Passenger, and to find another Passenger to shut him up.


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3 responses

  1. That’s a very thought-provoking idea. Thanks, Ben.

  2. I think Dexter is so fascinating because he mirrors our struggles. Not that most of us struggle against a desire to kill but we all struggle with some temptation. Have you read the novels? The novel goes into more depth with Dexter and the Dark Passenger.

    1. Lust, impulses, and urges are not ancient traits of history. These are real parts of our human psyche. The ‘people are generally good’ think-tank must change their mantra to ‘people can aim to be good’. Resisting such feeling is tough without God’s strength.

      My wife has read the books, and I am considering reading them, though I’m a bit scared!

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